Our Journey: The story behind the creation and motivation for The Pain Behind the Badge

In our seminars we use audio recordings, video clips, brain images, surveillance video, and two dynamic speakers who relate directly to the attendees. With a combined experience of over 5 decades in the First Responder/Trauma Field, Clarke and Tracie are able to present the issue at hand in a manner that has never before been done. The law enforcement employees and First Responders who attend this seminar hear stories, learn about stress and how it affects their lives, and discover how and where to get help. And all in an attempt to reduce the #1 Cop Killer: SUICIDE.

Should your agency be interested in The Pain Behind The Badge training, please Contact Us and we will respond within 48 hours.

Clarke Paris retired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. at the rank of Sergeant after 27 years of service. He is devoting his retirement to educating law enforcement, first responders and military members on dealing with PTSD and suicide.  During his time with LVMPD he worked in undercover assignments, as a training officer & sergeant, and a traffic enforcement officer & sergeant. In addition, he has worked as the sergeant in charge of special events and supervised a squad of bicycle officers on the Las Vegas Strip.


Clarke founded the non-profit organization Cops Racing Against Violence through Education (CRAVE), which with support from LVMPD employees was able to fund four full scholarships to the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (for a total of 16 years of higher education). In 2000 Clarke authored a book, and in March 2007 began work on the documentary film The Pain Behind The Badge. Fourteen months later, the film was completed.


Clarke retired with the rank  of Sergeant from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. after 27 years of service, he and wife Tracie lecture about law enforcement stress as well as the prevention of police, first responder and military suicide. His lectures are given in conjunction with the film and addresses topics rarely covered by other police-related seminars.

seminarTracie Paris has been a Registered Nurse for the past 29 years.  She has worked as a Trauma/ER Nurse, Outpatient Surgery Nurse and Charge Nurse. In 2006 she was honored as ‘Nurse of the Year’. Clarke and Tracie have traveled the nation presenting The Pain Behind The Badge to thousands of police officers, military personnel, and their spouses. Clarke and Tracie were involved in recovery and training of personnel assigned to VA Tech PD after the 33 student massacre as well as Lakewood Police Department Personnel after that agency’s four officers were murdered as they sat in a coffee shop in November, 2009.

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