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seminarinfo-11In 2006, Clarke Paris, a veteran sergeant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and his wife Tracie, a Registered Nurse for  29 years, teamed up with 100 Watt Productions and produced one of the most dynamic, informative and powerful films on Police Stress & Suicide, to date…..The Pain Behind The Badge.   The Pain Behind The Badge, the result of hundreds of emails, letters, phone calls, interviews, and thousands of miles traveled, is an award winning documentary film that has been changing and saving the lives of police officers, civilian police personnel, and military personnel for several years.
In this powerful 1 hour feature film, three different police officers, spouses, and psychology professionals, share their stories of how two of those officers came close to committing suicide and  how the other was in a tumultuous relationship, all results of their chosen profession…Law Enforcement.  All three officers sought different types of psychological treatment and all three are living healthy and productive lives today. This movie drives home the importance of opening up, seeking out, and accepting help when needed.
The Pain Behind The Badge received  ’Honorable Mention’ at the Accolade Film Festival and ‘Best Documentary’ at the Las Vegas International Film festival. The Pain Behind The Badge is a great movie for Police Personnel, Spouses and significant others to watch alone at home or at work, and learn that should they be struggling, they are not alone. It is also a fantastic training DVD for Law Enforcement Agencies everywhere.
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Clarke Paris is a military veteran, has more than 27 years experience with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and is a former ‘Police Officer of the Year’. He is also the Creator/Producer of the award winning documentary film on police stress and suicide, ‘The Pain Behind The Badge’.The Pain Behind The Badge received both the ‘Honorable Mention Award and ‘Best Documentary’ at International Film Festivals. Clarke was involved in recovery for several agencies including Virginia Tech PD (after the 33 student massacre) and Lakewood PD (after 4 officers were murdered in a coffee shop) and has been honored by the International Police Association for his contribution to Law Enforcement.




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“This film helps administrators to realize some of the underlying risks associated with law enforcement.”

Douglas C. Gillespie, Sheriff Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department


“The National Police Suicide Foundation is honored to participate in this production called The Pain Behind The Badge. We at the Foundation believe that this film will be a great contribution to bring about a better understanding of why police officers in this country commit suicide every 19-21 hours. As Executive Director of the NPSF I grant you permission to use statistical data that we have provided for you and your organization. If we can provide any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me personally.”

Robert Douglas, Director – The National Police Suicide Foundation


“The PMSA Board of Directors would like to thank you for the presentationduring our recent board meeting and our annual training for our members. The Board of Directors voted to endorse your cause and wish you much success in bringing the issue of police suicide to the surface in order to get officers the assistance they require.”The Police Managers & Supervisors Association


“Clarke, You have put together a superb product, a product that will save lives. ‘The Pain Behind The Badge’ deserves max distribution & I endorse & support your efforts whole-heartedly.  You have demonstrated great initiative, tenacity and true ‘grit’ in putting this video together. My sincere congratulations!  Hooah! & well done, my brother warrior-healer.”

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, U.S. Army (Retired) – Director, Killology Research Group

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